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High School Valentine's Day Traditions Are the Worst, Right?

High School Valentine's Day Traditions Are the Worst, Right?

High school Valentine's traditions suck. It's a fact. You know how I know? Experience.

My high school, like a lot of high schools, had a tradition of handing out Candy Grams on Valentine's...but with a twist. In order to avoid a Mean Girls-esque "You go, Glen Coco"  candy-cane situation, we did Compliment Grams: each person in the school randomly selected another student, wrote them a compliment, and attached it to a Ring Pop. Sounds like a genius idea, right? Maybe if you like severe emotional trauma on what is supposedly the most romantic day of the year.

See, I had a guy best friend. Who (apparently) wanted to be more than friends. So what else would he do but track down the student who had drawn my name, make deals with half the student body in order to trade him for it, and write me a declaration of love? Of course, in a typically teenaged-boy style, he also added a sex joke at the end. (Probably so he could laugh off the whole "I love you" thing if necessary.)

That alone wouldn't have been so bad. We could have awkwardly joked about it and gone back to making dorky references to binary code. But, since he'd had to swap with half the student body to get my name, everyone knew about it. AND he followed up by reading me a poem he wrote during English class.

Which is really awkward if, ya know, the feelings aren't quite reciprocated.

And that, my dear Sparklers, is why high school V-Day traditions are a tremendously bad idea.

On that incredibly cheerful note, tell us about your school's Valentine's traditions! Love 'em? Hate 'em? Please someone tell me I'm not the only traumatized one here!

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