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The Puppy Bowl Puppies Are Doing a Live Webcast, so Cancel Your Plans for the Next Six Days

The Puppy Bowl Puppies Are Doing a Live Webcast, so Cancel Your Plans for the Next Six Days

Sometimes they scamper about at play. Sometimes they nap and do those little puppy kicks that puppies do when they dream about spiders. Sometimes they take a big dump on the floor, 'cause, d'awwww, they think they're people!

But nay, they are no mere men: they are puppies. And on Sunday, they will become world-famous athlete puppies, when they compete against one another and the dignity of an entire entertainment-seeking world in Puppy Bowl IX. This critical IXth installment of the pupular (see what we did there!?!?) antidote to grunting Budweiser-fueled sports action will appear on Animal Planet at 6pm EST this Sunday, same time as that Super Bowl everyone's tweeting about.

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If you can't compromise with friends and loved ones about whether your time is better spent watching sweaty dudes or cuddlepuppies scamper about in uniform, don't worry. The puppies are training, Hunger Games style (i.e. they are probably hungry), and you can stream all of their heated pre-game sparring matches in real-time above. Call in sick to life tomorrow.

There were four puppies in the room when we started watching this feed. If there's a different number of puppies in the room when you start watching than there were puppies when we started watching, it means the puppies got together and had MORE PUPPIES. Which, you know, Circle of Life.

Anyway, we need your help naming them. So far, we're partial to Snowball, Biscuits, Pepsi, and Rasputin, but are certainly open to suggestions. Watch the Puppy Bowl Pre-Game above. Name them below. Do it now. It's good for your health.

So, THESE PUPPIES, right???

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