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The 8 Worst Kickstarter Ideas

The 8 Worst Kickstarter Ideas

Kickstarter is pretty awesome. It launches the dreams of so many people whose art, designs, and inventions otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. However, for every great idea on Kickstarter, there’s also an incredibly ill-thought-out one. Here are just a handful of the worst Kickstarter ideas.

1. Sharpener Jar
It’s a jar for pencil shavings. Someone needs to explain why this needs to exists.

2. “Keep Calm and Enjoy the Moment” Poster
The world does not need another “Keep Calm” poster. We’re at capacity, people.

3. How Do Players Play
This is just terrible. -1,000,000 to Big Sexxy for needing 9,500 dollars to publish a gross book.

4. Snakeskin Shoelaces
Shoelaces made out of actual pythons. Vom-dot-com to the max.

5. Jewelgram
It’s bad enough that everyone takes terrible quality Instagram photos. Turning those lame photos into jewelry is just going to make the world that much uglier.

6. ACA
It’s a case that turns a 500-dollar phone into a kid-friendly camera. Call me old-fashioned but I think giving anyone under twelve an iPhone is pretty irresponsible. You can wrap a phone in as much padding as you want, but it probably won’t keep your expensive device from shattering in the hands of a five-year-old.

7. Pet Zombie Rock
It’s a rock that’s painted to look like a zombie. I’m wondering who’s actually willing to buy a literal rock.

8. The Piano Is the Champagne
Imagine 385 champagne glasses shattering to the tune of a decrepit piano falling on them. Part of me loves the artistic message, but it’s only a small part in the back of my knee. The rest of me asks, “Why?”

Which of these projects are you least likely to fund?

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