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Quiz: Which Vintage Candy Are You?

Quiz: Which Vintage Candy Are You?

If you’re into the sweet and vintage, then you probably already clicked this eight times! Find out which classic candy best describes you. (Warning: Reading this may cause a sugar rush.) Be honest or else our science will be wrong.

1. Among the following, what is your favorite song?
A. “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat
B. “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys
C. "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama
D. “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls
E. "Cowboy Casanova" by Carrie Underwood
F. “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes

2. It’s a rainy Sunday, and a bunch of different movies are on television. Which do you watch?
A. Grease
B. Man On Fire
C. Rock of Ages
D. Despicable Me
E. Secretariat
F. Ghostbusters

3. Which celebrity’s closet would you like to raid among the following?
A. Lady Gaga
B. Justin Bieber
C. Nicki Minaj
D. Katy Perry
E. Taylor Swift
F. Cee Lo Green

4. Which of these things sounds the most appetizing to you?
A. A root beer float
B. Hot buffalo wings
C. Crispy rice cereal
D. Cupcakes
E. Fried chicken and corn bread
F. Candied yams with marshmallows on top

5. Which of these phrases would your friends use to describe you?
A. “Effervescent and refreshing”
B. “Sassy and feisty”
C. “Surprising and unpredictable”
D. “Cute as a button”
E. “Low-maintenance and down to earth”
F. “Sugary sweet”

6. You won $100 in a raffle. What do you do with the money?
A. You buy the Soda Stream you’ve been thinking about.
B. You buy a ticket to the circus.
C. You buy the latest Glee soundtrack and save the rest (in your Glee Live ticket fund)
D. You buy some yarn and knit a sweater for your cat.
E. You donate the money to the Humane Society
F. You buy some campfire snacks for your upcoming cabin trip.

7. If you could choose the location of your next outing with your friends, where would it be?
A. The local diner where the servers sing and dance.
B. Your favorite Japanese restaurant with awesome hibachi service.
C. Your best friend’s house for some Rock Band. You do the singing, of course.
D. The cosmic bowling alley.
E. The local park for a nature hike.
F. Your own house for soup, sandwiches, and Netflix. It’s so cozy!

Mostly A's: Bottle Caps. You’re sweet and bubbly, just like these soda-flavored candies.

Mostly B's: Atomic Fireballs. You’re exciting, you like to walk on the dangerous side, just like these often painfully hot sugar bombs.

Mostly C's: Pop Rocks. You’re spunky and have a bit of a musical side, like these crackling candies.

Mostly D's: Candy Buttons. You’re irresistibly cute and quirky, like these rainbow dots on a strip of paper.

Mostly E's: Cow Tales. You’re a little bit country like these delicious cattle-inspired ropes.

Mostly F's: Mallo Cups. You appreciate the comfortable things in life—like fluffy pillows, puppies, and marshmallows (coated in chocolate).

What's your favorite vintage candy?

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