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How (And Why) They Should Remake The Harry Potter Movies

How (And Why) They Should Remake The Harry Potter Movies

Because Hollywood is out of ideas and because everyone loves money, it’s only a matter of time before some executive says, “Hey, let’s remake those Harry Wizard movies?” It’s going to happen. And it will probably happen in your lifetime. Faster than you can say, “Amazing Spider-Man,” there will be a Harry Potter reboot on the big screen.

But maybe, just maybe, this will be a good thing. Wait...don’t run away! Listen! And try to keep an open mind.

The Potter movies vary in quality from OK to Good. None of them are great, and even the most die-hard Potter fans can see why.

The movies, even at their Hippogriffy best, still feel empty. They’re well-acted, they look amazing, but the story and characters are a bit lifeless because there isn’t enough time to tell the whole story and let the characters grow. All the main plot points of the book had to be put on the screen, at the risk of losing all the special, and seemingly less important, goodness that made the books so...well?...magical.

And sadly, every Potter filmmaker has tried to put the entire book on the screen.

Of course they didn’t have much of a choice. If the directors and screenwriters dared attempt something new with the books, the Potter fanbase would revolt. Violently.

Now that those movies are out, can’t we move on and try something else?

We have those first eight Potter films, the films that tried to stay as close to the novels as possible. They exist. And you may or may not love them. But now it’s time to try something daring. It’s time to make an adaptation of the Potter story; not a visual translation of the book. There’s a difference.

How should they remake them? By stepping away from the books...far away.

We don’t need another seven or eight movies. We don’t need to see Harry and the gang solve a mystery that always takes one school year to solve. Instead, the filmmakers should look at the overall story and interpret that. Make the Harry Potter legend, not a book-to-screen reproduction.

Start with Harry as an adult spending his work day fighting monsters and conducting Auror business. His life is good, but he can’t help but think back to his time at Hogwarts, back when things were truly scary. Then dip into flashbacks.

From there, you’ll need to hit on the main points: Hogwarts, Voldemort’s rise to power, Dumbledore’s death, and Voldemort’s defeat. But you can approach those topics in a thousand different ways. Deviate from the book! Please! Leave out Quirrell and Tom Riddle’s Diary. Hell, take out all the stuff about Horcruxes and Deathly Hallows, or alter them somehow. You can find new ways to develop and defeat Voldemort's character. And removing all the Quidditch may help the movie (or movies) flow smoothly.

Make it simple.

Make it scary.

Make it as frightening, nightmarish, and ghoulish as high school actually is.

You’re fuming right now, aren’t you?

But if Hollywood remakes the Potter films, wouldn’t you rather see something new than to watch Harry play Quidditch and see Hermione act bookish for the billionth time?

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