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Headline: SparkLife Names Cute Stock Girl Championess

Headline: SparkLife Names Cute Stock Girl Championess

The photo that took this stock girl to the top.

By KATHRYN WILLIAMS  01/24/2013 10:43 AM EST

MY BED, WHERE I WRITEThe girl didn't know when she posed for her cousin with the new Nikon -1J1 he got for Christmas that she would one day end up crowned SparkLife's Cutest Stock Girl. But how could she? She didn't know what SparkLife was.

"He told me he was going to post them on Shutterstock, and if he made any money from it, he would split it with me," the girl said in an early morning call Tuesday, when she was informed of her win. "I was like, okay." "All my friends say she's hot," says photographer Supri Suharjoto, "which I think is kinda gross 'cause I'm her cousin. But I'm just 213 stock downloads away from being able to buy the new Call of Duty, so I went for it."

What does the girl think of her title? "Um, what was it again? Is this really the Associated Press? Hello...?" For now, the image is called "A portrait of a mixed race college student at campus." But Mr. Suharjoto might just consider changing that to "a portrait of SparkLife Cute Stock Girl Championess." And has he split that money with her? "I bought her a Coke," he says.

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