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Blogging Hostess: Twinkies!

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Blogging Hostess: Twinkies!

They’re golden. They’re cakey. They’re filled with cream. And now… they are no more. In this final installment of Blogging Hostess, Dan and Josh climb to the top of Mount Junkfood and partake in the godfather of all sweet snacks: the Twinkie. This American icon had as many admirers as it did detractors. It defined generations of terrible eating habits and gave millions of kids something to look forward to in their paper-bag lunches. Today we say goodbye to a legend. Today we say goodbye... to the Twinkie.

Dan Bergstein

This is the last Twinkie I will eat, so I had to savor it. The Twinkie flavor is familiar, sweet/cakey/creamy, but knowing this was my final Twinkie made it taste special. I don't know why it was so sticky. Are they normally sticky? You could adhere a nickel to the outside of it and it would remain there through even the gustiest of winds. But the Twinkie is good. And it will be missed. (BTW: It's not nearly as great as Tastykakes! EAST COAST, REPRESENT!) B+

Josh Perilo

From the second I bit into this cake, a flood of memories came rushing back. I had actually sort of forgotten what Twinkies tasted like! I also forgot how much creamy goodness there was inside. Lots of it! They were a teensy tad drier than I remember, but that ultimately did not stand in the way of my taste buds having a sponge cake party. Childhood in a plastic wrapper, plain and simple. You will be missed Twinkies. You will be missed. RIP. A-

What was your favorite Hostess cake?

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