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Opposite Sex Question Shuffle!

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Opposite Sex Question Shuffle!

Hello everybody! I'm that guy. You know the one. You all have one of me in your life. I'm that guy that is always single, but you still always go to for relationship advice. Well, I figure that I might as well start a lovely, and probably necessary, conversation in a less awkward location. Let me explain-


One of the most commonly asked questions my friends have for me is "Why don't girls/guys ever make sense?" which I always respond with "In what way don't they make sense?" or "'Cause they're girls."


I figure, that below, all you lovely Sparklers can post your questions about the opposite gender. Ask anything. Anything at all. From "Why do guys all play videogames?" to "What's it like to have boobs?" We all promise not to laugh or judge you, no matter how odd, Non Sequitur, weird, or awkward your question may be.


Once a question is asked, we all rely upon some kind Sparkler of the gender toward whom the question was directed to provide it with an honest answer! So with that, let the questioning begin!

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