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The 10 Best Dates EVER

The 10 Best Dates EVER

One year ago, I did the craziest thing: I told my crush that if he wanted to go out with me, he had to ask me himself. And get thisit worked! He asked me out, and we’ve been dating ONE WHOLE  YEAR. So in honor of the longest (and only) relationship I’ve ever had, I thought I’d share the 10 best dates I ever had.

10. I’ll never let go, Jack.” And then she lets go. Come on, there was totally enough room on that board for both of them. But anyway, seeing Titanic in 3D makes this list because a) it’s the most romantic movie in the history of movies, and b) who doesn’t want to live out that quintessential '90s date?

9. I’m cold, I’m wet, and I’m on a roller-coaster! Even the dreariest of nights can’t stop amusement parks from being awesome. Sure, we got off at the wrong stop and it was rainy and foggy, but that just added to the scariness of fright night. Also, awful weather means fewer people means no lines for the roller coasters.

8. How am I supposed to use these things? One of our first fancy dates was to this really nice Japanese restaurant. When I accidentally ordered a bowl of sushi instead of a roll of sushi, I discovered just how bad I was at using chopsticks, which provided a huge opportunity for laughing at my expense. I also found the best miso soup ever, so that was nice.

7. T-shirts and sweatpants. Is it still considered “going out” if you stay in? Yes. Our stay-in date was greatwe dressed down, ate Indian food, and played video games.

6. Lions and tigers and DEER! I loved our two zoo dates because going to the zoo makes me feel like a little kid on a field trip. I’m not worrying about schoolwork or being a freaking grown upI can just look at cute animals and hold hands with my boyfriend. Also, we discovered a part where you can walk through and actually pet the deer!

5. Let’s play a game. On his birthday weekend, I was in charge of all the details, and I figured there isn’t a better place for a 20-year-old guy than Chuck E. Cheese's…or the grown-up equivalent, Dave and Busters. Mediocre food, arcade games, and cheap prizes: what more can a boyfriend ask for?

4. Dinner with a view. Another one of our fancy dates was at a restaurant on the top floor of this tall building on the top of a mountain overlooking the city. You could say it had a nice view. Plus, I pushed all of my crumbs onto his side of the table, and when the waiter cleaned them off, he judged my boyfriend hardcore.

3. First date? You can’t beat the initial awkwardness of a first date. Heck, I was only 90% sure we were actually on a date. And that’s what makes first dates so great! The scrambling to come up with conversation topics, the uncertainty of whether he would hold my hand, the butterflies before the first kiss. Good old times… now let’s NEVER do it again.

2. The big one. We actually had two dinners for our one-year anniversary. The second was at the fanciest restaurant downtown, where we paid way more for food than I like to think about. But the first definitely wins points for creativity. We got all dressed up and swiped into our campus dining hall on a Tuesday night. We brought a table cloth and a fake candle and set a table and found a way to turn cafeteria food into a 3-course meal. We got a bunch of strange looks, a few complements from the staff, and someone apparently took a creeper picture of us and put it on Twitter.

1. A perfect spring day. There was nothing exceptional about our best date. It was a mild spring day, and we were just walking down a nice street with different shops and restaurants. We decided to try this Thai place. We had a spot in front of the window and I ordered Pad Thai like I always do. On our way back to campus, we stopped in CVS and I picked up sidewalk chalk and a squishy dinosaur. In front of our dorm, we drew various animals, flowers, an epic battle between a unicorn and a t-rex, and finally a stick figure “us” holding hands. It was stupid, simple, and the absolute best date I ever had.

Faye :)

What's your best date?

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