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Quiz: Which YA Character Are You?

Quiz: Which YA Character Are You?

In the best of times and the worst of times, every book lover finds a trusty tome to guide them through the perilous waters of reality. YA books are basically the Maurader's Map for life decisions—but maybe you're having trouble choosing which of your favorite heroine's footsteps to follow. Here to help is this handy quiz, which will get you well on your way to becoming the YA star of your own life!

1. If you had a superpower that often allows you to save the day but can sometimes make you feel like an outsider, it would be:

A) An ability to retain facts, figures, and obscure  but wildly helpful information, and always have the answer to every question your Professor asks. Oh, plus a magic wand.

B) A wit so sharp it cuts snobby British nobility down to size, whilst charming their wealthy and available nephews.

C) Archery. You're so good, you feel no need to elaborate.

D) Your winsome snark, which you maintain even in the face of heartbreak and death.

2. When you think of your ideal, set-in-the-stars match, he would be described as:

A) Ginger! Even though you do have a thing for truculent, famous Quidditch players as well.

B) Certainly not a prideful, rude, snobby, handsome, wealthy man who insulted you the first time he met you. Certainly not. Certainly.

C) He's brunette, and your hunting partner. No, wait, he's blond and he's loved you from afar ever since you two were children. Actually, you'd rather not bother with this love business and think this is a stupid question.

D) He's the kind of guy who always loses at video games because he's too busy trying to save the other players.

3. Your signature style move is:

A) A handy spell that both straightens your hair AND shrinks your teeth. Plus, you rock a periwinkle blue cloak.

B)  Shoes that allow you to both dance the night away and go on long walks through the countryside, regardless of mud or rain.

C) Anything that Cinna puts you in.

D) Style isn't really your thing, but you can rock a sundress or an ironic tee like nobody's business.

4. Your favorite book is:

A) Hogwarts, A History

B) Too many to choose from! And honestly, you'd rather exchange witty repartee.

C) Who has time for reading in the midst of trying to survive?

D) An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten

5. If you were attacked by a flesh-eating, three-headed monster and had time only to save one person, it would be:

A) Your besties Ron AND Harry. You're smart enough to figure out how to get both of them to safety, probably using a combination of Stupefy and Protego.

B) Your elder sister and best friend, Jane.

C) Your younger sister, Primrose.

D) Your friend who is fast becoming more than just a friend, Gus.

6. If you ever had to go on an epic life-changing journey, it would be:

A) A trip that involves camping in the forest, breaking into Gringotts, and then storming Hogwarts to save it from evil wizards.

B) A vacation to the Lakes, where you stop off at a beautiful estate called Pemberley.

C) The Capitol. You didn't WANT to go there. There was no choice.

D) To Amsterdam to find your favorite author, so that you can ask him the meaning of the ending of his book.

7. If Cinderella's fairy godmother decided she was a lame brain, and adopted you as her godchild instead, you would ask her to:

A) Give you the ability to fly better on a broomstick. Honestly, Harry and Ron are just insufferable about how you can't ride one well.


C) Make sure there are never, ever any Hunger Games ever again.

D) You don't believe in fairy tales, they're just Jungian archtypes of our most primitive fears and wishes. No, you're not going to play along with this question. Please. You're 16, and you're already taking college classes—grow up, people.

If you answered Mostly As....

Your are HERMOINE GRANGER from the Harry Potter Series, a brilliant witch at the top of all her Hogwarts classes. Although you can annoy, well, everybody with your know-it-all attitude (you can't help that they don't study!), your bravery, loyalty, and quick wits are invaluable in dangerous situations involving trolls, werewolves, and He Who Must Not Be Named.

If you answered Mostly Bs...

You are ELIZABETH BENNET from Pride and Prejudice, a smart, lively, girl who loves to laugh. You love your family dearly, even if they CAN be extraordinarily foolish (Lydia!), and you are fiercely loyal to both friends and relatives. You don't suffer either fools or the overly proud, but you learn (courtesy of a Mr. Darcy) that sometimes, there's more to people than meets the eye.

If you answered Mostly Cs...

You are KATNISS EVERDEEN from The Hunger Games Series. You're a pragmatist and a survivor, and you've no match when it comes to archery. You were only trying to save your younger sister from the fatal gladiatorial ring, but somehow you find yourself in the middle of a revolution, caught between two very different but very handsome young men. Who will you choose? How will the revolution end? If only things could be solved by an archery contest...

If you answered Mostly Ds...

You are HAZEL GRACE LANCASTER from The Fault in Our Stars. You're smart with a love of snark and reading, and you have unknown depths of courage when it comes to facing illness and death. You used to joke your best friend in the world was Peter Van Houten, the author of your favorite book An Imperial Affliction. Then you met Augustus Waters in a support group, and your life forever changed...

Which YA character are you? Are there any heroines you'd like to add to this list?

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