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5 Signs You Secretly DO Want to Go to Prom

5 Signs You Secretly DO Want to Go to Prom

When people ask why you’re not going to the prom, a series of excuses easily roll off your tongue. “Well,” you start. “I don’t know how to dance, and I have asthma, and I don’t want to spend the money.” You sigh. “Plus I've never dressed up before and I’m so tall and have no boobs, so dresses all look weird on me.” Though you make a convincing case, sometimes the inner you begins to doubt what you're saying.

If you see yourself in the below, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the whole not-going-to-prom thing.

You dream in proms. All of your sick dreams start taking place at the prom. Maybe you give birth to conjoined twins in the parking lot of your high school while everyone is in the gym, promming it up. Maybe you're running threw the halls of a beautiful hotel, being chased by the prom king, who is throwing corsage after corsage at your updo. Maybe you're dancing with a beautiful ghost to a slow, gorgeous tune when all the sudden, “Forever Young” starts blaring and dead people burst through the doors. What’s in your dreams is in your heart. It’s like your brain is playing you movies to give you a sign—GO!

You’ve always enjoyed planning. You like anything that requires months or weeks of preparation—that’s why you’re so good at being a huge study nerd. This whole prom planning process kind of gets you excited. When the girls in your group discuss the best salon to get their hair and nails done, you suggest the place you always go for haircuts. When your friends decide to head to the mall to look at dresses and jewelry, you check your calendar. If you’re responding positively to the planning process, maybe you should just plan on going.

People’s names turn into Prom. When you meet your new math tutor, Tom, you can’t help but picture him slow dancing with you at a dance that’s practically named after him. When you meet a girl named Dominique at the mall, the first syllable of her name makes you think about dresses and punch. Do you think there's something your subconscious is trying to tell you?

Your friends actually make sense. A few peeps in your inner circle were pretty bummed to hear that you wouldn’t be joining them at prom. While at first their attempts to change your mind struck you as silly (i.e. “Now we don’t have an even number of girls in our group!”), some of their arguments are actually starting to sound convincing, and even rational. Sara asked if you really wanted to miss out on one of the few events from high school people still talk about in their twenties, thirties, and beyond, and you felt bad for the future you who missed out on an experience (even if that experience did end up being stupid and somewhat expensive).

You're looking at everyone as a potential date. If you decided to boycott prom due to lack of a date, but now everyone you come across seems like a potential person to pose in pictures with, you might be reevaluating your decision. Are you looking up and down at baristas, your best friends' brothers, and even family friends you’ve always thought smell weird? Face it: you kinda want to go to prom.

Are you planning on not going to prom? Do you ever think you'll reconsider your stance? We want to know what you really think of this high school ritual.

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