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10 Things I Learned from the Miss America Pageant

10 Things I Learned from the Miss America Pageant

Mallory Hagan was recently crowned Miss America in a pageant that taught me many things about...pageants.

1. You can jam to One Direction even if you aren’t a teen girl. Same goes for J-Biebz.
2. Diamonds (and bling in general) really are a girl’s best friend.
3. It’s hard to be a Miss America contestant. You need to be talented, poised, well-spoken, elegant, intelligent, charitable, kind, and beautiful, as well as be confident enough to strut it out on stage in a bikini while the nation watches.
4. Miss America and Miss USA are completely different competitions and titles.
5. The competition is fierce. Within the first half hour, 35 out of 53 girls are eliminated.
6. The only rule for pageant hair seems to be bigger is better. Who knows how many secrets are in there?
7. Contestants have three minutes to change into eveningwear after the swimsuit competition. Color me impressed, especially as I can’t even get dressed for school in less than thirty.
8. Miss America has to wear a crown at all of her public appearances.
9. Speaking of crowns, Mallory’s crown was pinned on with four bobby pins.
10. Dreams do come true. With a lot of hard work Miss Montana became the pageant’s first autistic contestant and Miss Iowa shone past her Tourette’s syndrome to reach the top five contestants.

Did you watch the Miss America pageant? What were your thoughts?

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