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The 19 Worst Yearbook Superlatives to Win

The 19 Worst Yearbook Superlatives to Win

Winning a yearbook/senior superlative can be pretty cool. You are recognized for being the most something in your class, or maybe even your whole school! Many of these superlatives are great—who wouldn't want to be crowned "Best Smile"? Even when the superlative is ever-so-slightly-snarky (does "Most Likely to Succeed" mean "Most Annoying About Being Smart and Taking AP Classes" to anyone else?), it can be nice to be recognized for something.

Still, there are some categories we would be less-than-pleased to win. And aren't funny, even in a slightly-snarky way. Here's hoping your school does not query these categories.

  • Most Crusty
  • Certifiably Insanest
  • Most in Need of a Makeover
  • Most in Need of a Makeunder
  • Worst Spanish Pronunciation
  • Most Inane Facebook Updates
  • Most Opposite of Fun
  • Creepiest
  • Biggest Scowl
  • Most Questionable Attire
  • Least Likely to Succeed
  • Worst School Picture
  • Least Athletic
  • Most Green/Greyish or Most Questionable Skin Tone
  • Least Like to Ever Have a Boyfriend, Like Ever
  • Smells Most Like Mayonaise
  • Smells Least Good
  • Nastiest Feet
  • Most Likely to Be the Person You Avoid Eye Contact With When You See Him/Her at the Grocery Store When You Visit Your Hometown Over The Holidays in College

Just kidding, we would be kind of proud to win Biggest Scowl. And maybe Least Athletic.

What are some of the weirdest superlatives at your school? Have you won any? What (possibly completely made up) category are you most likely to win?

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