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What Do You Want to Know About Getting Dressed and Fashion?

What Do You Want to Know About Getting Dressed and Fashion?

Last week, we asked you what you wanted to know about makeup and skincare. This week, we want to answer your questions about clothes! Like, why do some jeans make me look awful and some make me look great? Navy and black—yay-vy or ack? (Forgive me.)

We all have questions about getting dressed. Is it worth it to spend more money? What goes with each other? How can I wear colored pants without looking like an insane clown? How do I minimize/maximize certain things about your figure? What's the DEAL with pattern mixing?!

So, get going Sparkleistas*! We would love to answer your most perplexing fashion questions. What do you want to know?

*That's like, fashionista but for Sparklers.

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