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Blonde v. Brunette, or Sh*t's Getting Real: Stock Girl FINALS

A question as old as chocolate or vanilla, summer or winter, math or English, tea or coffee, dog or cat, pancakes or waffles, unicorns or narwhals, Bugles or Cracker Jacks.... It's down to blonde or brunette, ladies and gents. The winner is the most beautimous specimen of the stock photo universe, but you know, don't hurt yourself over it. We can't have that.

Topics: Life
Tags: commercials, competitions, beauty, blondes, brunettes, stock girl bracket, beautiful girls

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Kathryn Williams is the author of three YA novels but only one with an Oxford comma in the title. She is a Taurus and hates writing bios. Check out her website,, and follow her on Twitter @kathrynwauthor.

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