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Disney Character Updates

Disney Character Updates

What happened to your favorite Disney characters after the cameras stopped rolling? We have some ideas…

Pinocchio became a real boy, but, sadly, never grew to become a real teenager. He attended high school with the boyish frame of a 10-year old and had trouble fitting in. However, he maintained an interest in performing. He landed an after school job as a busboy at Chili's to help an aging Gepetto pay medical bills. While there, he would sing in the kitchen and while clearing tables until eventually he was cast in a touring production of Billy Elliot: The Musical. He continues to tour today with dreams of making it to Broadway.

Snow White opened her own day care center and petting zoo with the prince. Together, they've become the most successful day care/petting zoo in the entire country. In fact, the business became the setting for a new reality series on TLC called "Snow Knows Best." Some of the dwarves have been known to make cameo appearances, but only one has been cast to appear on the show…

Grumpy the Dwarf had tested the limits of his friendship with the other six Dwarves. They still consider him a friend, but had trouble tolerating his negativity. As a result, he couldn't find work until Snow White offered him a position at her day care/petting zoo. Today, Grumpy is a groundskeeper and a co-star on "Snow Knows Best." He is engaged to marry "B**chy", a fellow dwarf who has A LOT in common with Grumpy.

Timon and Pumba became restless in Africa and made their way to New York City. After holding down several odd jobs (like handing out fliers in Times Square and renting bicycles in Central Park), they opened a popular brunch spot in Brooklyn called "The Kat & The Hog." It is highly rated on Yelp and received a Michelin star this past fall. Spin by on Wednesdays for Karaoke Night!

The Beast, although now a human, insists that people still call him "The Beast." He says, "It takes on an entirely different meaning these days. It refers to the beast in all of us, yearning to break free, and get after the things in life that make us happy." That optimism led to becoming a very successful advice columnist. He earned his Master's Degree in Web Design, and then started a dating web site, which has more than 1.4 million subscribers. He continues to live with Belle.

Genie (from Aladdin) traveled around the world meeting all sorts of people. He recorded most of his adventures on a blog, which attracted many readers for its free-spirited humor. Inspired by it's success Genie began performing stand-up comedy. From there, he was "cast" on the popular SyFy show "Ghost Hunters" where he provides endless comic relief to viewers and the hunters.

Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) had head injuries that healed, but she suffered from intense emotional trauma. She desperately attempted to make new friends in the ocean, but her reputation preceded her. She was eventually trapped in a net by fishermen somewhere near Japan and sold for sushi at the Tsukiji Market, the world's busiest fish market.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear are still toys. (But don’t tell them that.)

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