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We all know Katniss the uneducated, unread, warrior of love and war did not actually write The Hunger Games trilogy. This blog will be dedicated to uncovering what it might have been like if she did...


Dear Reader,

                One day I received a package in the mail. Curious because no one ever uses the mail anymore, I quickly took it into my office. Upon opening it I found three handwritten, barely legible manuscripts and a note written in beautiful curly-q cursive which read as follows.


                Dear Editor,

                   Enclosed you will find a trilogy my wife wrote detailing a very interesting chapter of her life. I promise she is not insane. They will require a bit of editing, but I believe if you give them a chance they could become something great.

          All the best,

                   Peeta Mellark

His “i”s were dotted with little hearts.

Those manuscripts I received are now known to you as The Hunger Games and the books following.  However, no one will ever understand the hard work I put into making these books presentable...until now.

I cannot hide it any longer. Soon to be presented for your consideration is the original manuscript as it was sent to me. Maybe it will prove just how much money I deserve for this undertaking *ahem.*



                The Editor


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