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Signs You're Trying Too Hard

Signs You're Trying Too Hard

It's important to make a good first impression. The best advice is to be yourself... appropriate to the situation. It takes effort, but there is such a thing as overdoing it. Showing up to school on the first day in a horse and buggy, sequined gown, crystal shoes is trying way too hard. We examined some other scenarios to point out the signs you may be overdoing it.

Situation: You're among a group of friends in a new place
You're Trying Too Hard If: You make a point to be the loudest person in the room. We know that being in an unfamiliar environment can seem a little awkward. Maybe you met up with your crew and noticed a slew of unfamiliar faces around you. This is not a free pass to make your presence known with a barrage of uncomfortable jokes and a world-record amount of F-bombs. Be cool. Nobody's plotting or competing against you in The Social Olympics.

Situation: You are getting ready to go to a party
You're Trying Too Hard If: Your clothes are a little too outrageous. Your style is an extension of your personality and we fully support that. However, there is the possibility of getting carried way, especially on your way to a party. Maybe the neon orange tuxedo or the dress made entirely of old Dominoes pizza boxes is over-the-top for a casual gathering of people you regularly hang out with. Stick to your guns and leave the costumes for Halloween.

Situation: You are around your crush.
You're Trying Too Hard If: You are laughing at Every. Single. Thing. Crushes make us dizzy in the brain to begin with. In a perfect world all it would take is a smile and glance and they'd be ours forever. The world ain't perfect, though, and to get a crush to like you takes some time and effort. This means staying calm and not laughing like a hysterical maniac when he or she simply says, "'Sup?" Relax, have a conversation, listen, and we're sure that when a joke is made you'll know when to let out those giggles that make you so gosh darn adorbz!

Situation: You are on a job interview
You're Trying Too Hard If: You rail off a list of experiences that are too good to be true. You're applying for a job at the Gap or maybe to wait tables at the local chain restaurant with all the wacky crap on the walls. As you sit across from the manager conducting the interview you begin to describe your time as Beyonce's personal assistant or the time you saved a group of child refugees in Bolivia. Bad move. The folks in charge of hiring want to know you are capable of handling responsibility, not that you're a better storyteller than Stephanie Meyer.

Situation: You are meeting your S.O.'s parents
You're Trying Too Hard If: You're manners are similar to the Royal Family. Obviously, it is important to be polite. When you meet your S.O.'s parents, though, it is also important to be casual and relaxed. You don't need to adopt a British accent and treat the situation like you are avoiding banishment to the Forbidden Forest of VooDoo.

Situation: You are playing a sport with new people
You're Trying Too Hard If: You're being too aggressive and/or physical. Sports are competitive, but they are meant to be fun. When playing with a new group of people it is important to keep this in mind. Sending players to the hospital 'cuz your game face is the same as Cato's in The Hunger Games is a bad move. No one will question your athleticism or spirit, but it's important to enjoy yourself.

Situation: You are on your way to your next class
You're Trying Too Hard If: You are strutting down the hallway, mile-wide smile on your face, and nodding at all who make eye contact with you. On second thought…you should ALWAYS be doing this!

Have you ever been guilty of trying too hard?

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