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How to Waste Time in Study Hall

How to Waste Time in Study Hall

In theory, Study Hall seems like a great idea. You get a full period of class time to do the homework you would normally do after school—meaning you have that much more free time at home to play video games, practice your flugelhorn, or update your Facebook status. You know, all that fun stuff.

But if you're anything like us, you have a hard time actually studying during Study Hall. If you too like to waste advantageously use your Study Hall time for anything but homework, we have some suggestions. We've selected only the best of the best from our repertoire. No, don't thank us. Show us your appreciation by using these gifts wisely (in other words, don't get in trouble for goofing off!).

  • Play tic tac toe with yourself.
  • Count the number of times that kid Alex almost sneezes (the pained squint is a dead giveaway).
  • Draw on the soles of your shoes. That way, your mom won't notice and get mad at you for "ruining" them.
  • Practice being "fierce." (But any cat-walking will have to take place in your mind.)
  • Create interesting designs by punching the tip of your pen or pencil through a piece of paper and then drawing lines to connect all the holes.
  • Try to fold a piece of paper in half more than 12 times. We'll be impressed if you make it to 10.
  • See what sort of text messages you come up with if you can only use your left hand and can't look at the screen.
  • Draw an endless series of connected 3-dimensional cubes.
  • See if you can block out all sounds other than the obscenely loud school clock. It's all a matter of mind power.
  • Give yourself a tattoo using only your weaker, non-dominant hand. Good luck.
  • Create origami dragons. Again, good luck.
  • Fill an entire page with a single-line doodle. If you lift your writing utensil off the paper, you have to start over again.
  • Try to touch your tongue to your nose. If you can already do that, try to teach yourself how to wrinkle your tongue, like this.
  • Tear off tiny pieces of paper and roll them into itty-bitty balls. Create neat little piles out of your mess.
  • Stare into space.

What do you do in Study Hall? Do you have a hard time focusing on school work? If so, how do you pass the time?

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