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What Your Favorite J.T. Song Say About You?

What Your Favorite J.T. Song Say About You?

Before the Biebs, there was the Timber. J.T. is back on the music scene with a new single "Suit and Tie." We're still up in the air about where it ranks on our Timberlake faves, which is why we're taking a look back on his greatest hits. Plus, we'll tell you what your favorite Justin song means about you.

"Like I Love You"
You never lose your cool and seem to always manage to be mellow in the most stressful of times. This is a great quality that will prove helpful later in life when you're worried about blood pressure and other crazy stuff like income and sinkhole insurance. Just make sure that you're not too cool for school and put some care in where it really counts.

"Cry Me a River"

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You are a very sensitive and thoughtful soul who is deeply intuitive and in touch with others' emotions. However, sometimes you have a tendency to hold onto things for too long. So your best friend hasn' t returned your copy of A Game of Thrones after two years. Let it go. You'll feel better when you do.

"Rock Your Body"
You're a morning person and a go-getter who loves marking things off a to-do list. Don't leave your less ambitious/nocturnal friends and family in the dust while meeting your goals and you'll be truly happy.

Hola, Mr./Ms. International!  Do you have a passport full of stamps and a bag always packed for new adventures? Keep exploring and rocking out on your foreign language tests, and you're sure to go far!

"Sexy Back"
You love backs!

"What Goes Around... / ...Comes Back Around"

We're going to take a wild guess and say that you probably almost picked "Cry Me a River." Again, it's great to have passion, but lighten up a little, will ya? Don't hold your grudges for too long or they'll start to be heavier than a bag of frogs.

"My Love"
You're an animal lover. This your anthem to all furry creatures.


You love pink, red, and all things fluffy. We know you're getting super excited planning your annual Valentine's Day bash, but just make sure your sugary lifestyle doesn't land you in the dentist's chair. (For more than just your two annual check-ups, we mean. By all means, DON'T stop going to the DDS!)

"Summer Love"
You've been counting down the days to warmer weather since the semester started. You stockpile popsicles and board shorts like it's your job. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, but remember to smell the posies in the spring and drink the hot cocoa in the winter! Seasons can be fun!

"Carry Out"
Want to order some Thai food tonight?

Which song is your favorite? Were we right?

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