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13 Signs You're Afraid of Somebody

13 Signs You're Afraid of Somebody

Can't figure out if the bullies in your homeroom are getting to you? Here are some signs you're legit scared:

1. You try to convince them that patting them down for weapons is actually a new kind of handshake.

2. You were able to run a half marathon just by pretending they were right behind you.

3. You have them saved in your phone as "Oh God I'm not ready."

4. The skills you've acquired in avoiding them have allowed you to join a semi professional hide and seek team.

5. No horror movie will ever be as scary as the idea of them sitting next to you while you watch a horror movie.

6. If you wake up in a cold sweat after a nightmare where a black haired orphan spoke to you in tongues before the walls melted in blood around you, you know that it's their birthday.

7. You can't tell anyone that you're "doing fine" without pausing and ominously adding "...for now."

8. If you get told you look like you haven't slept it probably means you accidentally checked their facebook last night.

9. You have to wear a brace for your neck because you sprained it constantly checking if they were right behind you.

10. The only thing on your Christmas wish list was "A bodyguard."

11. You carry a can of mace in every pocket...and you wear cargo pants.

12. You tried to take a martial arts class but left when you couldn't find a sparing partner with their approximate height and weight.

13. You enlisted for a front line military position because it seemed safer than staying around them.

So, are you afraid of someone?

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