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Worst Charades Entries Ever

Worst Charades Entries Ever

Charades is a great, hilarious game to play with theatrical friends and people you just met at awkward parties. Being an insane mime for a few minutes is always a good time, but sometimes, your assignment can get a little tricky.

We don’t know how anyone could pull off these impossible charades entries, so we hope you never encounter them. But if you’re looking to trip up your fellow players, feel free to try these on for size. And if you can perform any of these selections, take a video or photo and send it our way.

1. Objectivism

2. Photosynthesis

3. Tinsel

4. Turducken

5. BPA-free water bottle

6. Twitter feud

7. Osmosis

8. Mute

9. In-N-Out secret menu

10. Kafkaesque

11. Post-Cold War politics

12. Season 4 of Lost

13. Christmas-gram

14. Siri

15. Meme

16. Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

17. Onomatopoeia

18. Hippogriff

19. Keynesian economics

20. Nicolas Cage's hair

21. Werk

22. Abstract

23. Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution

What's the most difficult topic you've gotten in a game of charades?

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