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What's Your Stage Name?

What's Your Stage Name?

Nicolas Cage. Lady Gaga. Martin Sheen. Cary Grant. Freddie Mercury. David Tennant. Katy Perry. Jay-Z. Marilyn Monroe. The list goes on and on. Many of the celebrities that fill our TV screens and magazine covers are known by their stage names. Why? Because their name just wasn't cool enough, or likable enough, or was already taken...or was just too hard to pronounce.  So if any of you dear Sparklers find yourselves in the spotlight one day, you may end up changing your name. Which is why you should discover your stage name now!

First Name: Most celebrities choose their stage names from something that inspires them, so find the month you were born and choose a name inspired by…

January: an actor/actress

February: your pet

March: an Old Hollywood actor/actress

April: a car

May: your favorite TV/movie character

June: a city

July: your mother/father

August: a book character

September: an author

October: a fruit

November: a member of the British royal family

December: a musician

Last Name: Find your zodiac sign and follow the instructions.

Aries: Your publicist decided you should change your name. Choose from Holmes, Reynolds, Garland, or Weston.

Taurus: Your birth name is Zephyrvorgensmoot. Change it to anything else. Anything.

Gemini: Who needs a last name? Just go by your first, like Beyonce or Tiffany.

Cancer: You need the cool factor! Choose from Astatine, Bismuth, Thallium, or Tungsten.

Leo: Grr! Someone already has your name! You need a new one, but nothing too crazy. Choose from Johnson, Smith, Spencer, or Mercer.

Virgo: You can’t come up with a last name, so just use your first name again. Think Marky Mark.

Libra: You want a name that says “intelligent.” Choose from Newton, Tesla, Darwin, or Hawking.

Scorpio: Your parents were hippies. Choose from Meadow, Rivers, Woodstock, or Raintree.

Sagittarius: You want to be a rock star. Choose from Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, or Mars.

Capricorn: You like the idea of a “wordly” name. Choose from Garcia, Leferve, Molinelli, and Aslanov.

Aquarius: You want to be a rapper. Just use the initial of your last name.

Pisces: You decide to pay homage to a comedian. Choose from Fey, Sandler, Ferrell, or Poehler.

Now go get used to your stage name so you're ready when you need to start signing autographs!

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