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What's Written in Your School's Bathroom?

What's Written in Your School's Bathroom?

Bathroom graffiti is a part of high school life, no matter what kind of school you go to. But you know you’re going to a really good school if the bathroom graffiti looks like this:

  • I (heart) Romeo Montague!
  • Geometry is for squares.
  • I bench 100 pounds—of European History textbooks!
  • Karen Helstrong does AP English.
  • Hi, this is Lisa Whitcomb, your high school guidance counselor. If you’re feeling stressed and need to talk, I’m in room 117 next to the attendance office.
  • Jared Pittsby is left-handed!
  • Denise Fongrel: “Full-ride scholarship.” That’s not a joke, I actually got a full-ride scholarship. To Brown. Signed, Denise Fongrel.
  • Si tu aimes le francais si plus, porquoi pas l’espouser?
  • Hi kids, this is Lisa Whitcomb again, your school counselor. I just wanted to say to the guys, don’t worry, I never come into the men’s room during school hours. So you don’t need to worry about me lurking in the next stall! Okay? Girls, I come into your bathroom sometimes, but I don’t listen to your conversations, I swear! And if I accidentally hear something, my lips are sealed.
  • For a pretty good time, call 777-FILM.
  • E = mc2
  • Ken Schmidt loves Moby Dick.
  • A2 + B2 = C2.
  • Hi guys, this is Ken Schmidt, and yes, I actually do love Moby Dick because it’s a really good book!!!
  • Your dad is an investment banker!
  • Actually my dad is an investment banker. So what? Isn’t everybody’s?
  • Hi guys, this is Lisa Whitcomb again. I couldn’t help notice the conversation starting here about investment bankers. While it’s true that some of your fathers are investment bankers, a lot of them do other things, too, and that’s okay! Drop by anytime, room 117!
  • Debate is hot.
  • Nick Carraway should mind his own business!
  • I (heart) the First Law of Thermodynamics!
  • Julie Roswild eats organic hummus.

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