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If You Could Change Your Name to Anything, What Would You Choose?

If You Could Change Your Name to Anything, What Would You Choose?

I don't have anything in particular against my name. I've grown used to it. It's like a favorite T-shirt: familiar, comfortable, and easy to wear. Nonetheless, if I could steal a Tardis and go back in time to when my parents were about to fill in the birth certificate, I'd be pretty tempted to alter what they scribbled down. Below are some alternatives I've considered implanting into Past Mom and Past Dad's heads:

Rosalind Olivia

I'm a Shakespeare freak/obsessive, and I looooove As You Like It and Twelfth Night. Why Olivia as opposed to Viola, you may ask? Because today, I like Olivia better. Tomorrow, I might like the combo of Rosalind Viola, or Viola Olivia, or Olivia Rosalind. Really, the permutations are endless, and I can see myself with any of those appellates skipping through the forest of Arden disguised as a boy, flirting with my husband-to-be and playing pranks on harmless shepherds in verdant fields. Sigh.

Jordan Harper

I happen to like gender-neutral names. It keeps teachers guessing when they get their new class roster for the first time. Boy? Girl? Wizard? Who knows! I'm fond of these two in particular, the first because of The Great Gatsby (even if the character was terrible, her name is great) and the second due to To Kill A Mockingbird.

Knell Belle

Um, it rhymes, there's a silent "k" (I love me some useless consonants) and your nickname can be Nell the Beautiful. What's not to like?

Lady Queen Isobel d'Orlando Peradventure

IF I'm going to have a new name, I may as well have a title to boot. Why not be the Lady Queen of the mysterious, romantic, magic-filled kingdom of Peradventure from the house of Orlando, where dragons fly, wizards turn naughty children into kittens, and high tea is served all day at the court of the Queen?

If you could change your name, what fabulous new moniker would you pick?

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