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8 Reasons Spring Semester Is Awesome

8 Reasons Spring Semester Is Awesome

Who else is super excited to be back at school?! Anyone? Okay, just me. Sure, it’s annoying that break is over already and you have to do things again (unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t go back until the end of January, in which case you sicken me and I don’t want to talk to you). But second semester is awesome (even more awesome than first semester) and here’s why:

  1. It’s a fresh start. Did you seriously dislike your classes or professors last semester? Well, now you have new ones that you can grow to dislike! New classes mean new people and new chances to make friends. And if you totally mess up and start telling someone about that time you got your head stuck in a fence, you can always transfer into another class. You’ve got nothing to lose. I mean, except your dignity.
  2. Now you can finally do all those things you said you were going to do first semester. Remember how you said you were going to get involved this year? Well, it’s not too late to start doing things. Most schools will have another activities fair, so go and sign up for some activities. Go rush that sorority, join that club, or try out for that sports thing. This also applies to how you said you were going to work out this yearyou’ve got to do that, too. (My roommates now threaten to shoot me with nerf guns while I’m sleeping if I don’t work out. I couldn’t ask for better friends.)
  3. It’s going to get warmer! Probably. You basically just have to make it through February and then everything should be nice. Although right now it’s January and 65 degrees outside, so I’m not sure what’s going on.
  4. You are 4 months away from summer. Let that sink in.
  5. Second semester flies by. Again, once you make it through February, it will all be okay. No one likes February anyway. Is it 28 days? 29? Make up your mind, February. Get it together.
  6. Spring things! When it’s warm, you’ll be able to do stuff like have picnics and go outside again! Until then, you’ve got a couple more months of fuzzy socks and hot chocolate.
  7. Groundhog Day! And all those other wonderful holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, My Birthday (yes, I’m including this as a national holiday), Chinese New Year, and good ol' President’s Day.
  8. Speaking of Valentine’s Day...everyone knows that spring semester is when love blooms. You’re going to see cute couples being cute everywhere you go. You can’t get away from them, so you might as well join them. Now is the time to tell that guy you liked all last semester to ask you out already.

What am I most excited for this semester? Let’s seegoing to see Les Misérables, making new friends, learning Italian, getting free tickets to see Stephen Colbert, attending my sorority’s ball, eating ice cream, going on dates with the boyfriend, doing yoga and starting off the summer by going to Florence, Italy, for 4 weeks! Can I get a squee?

Anyone else doing awesome things this semester? Leave it in the comments!

Faye :)

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