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Justin Timberlake Delivers His First New Song in 7 YEARS! What Do You Think?

Justin Timberlake Delivers His First New Song in 7 YEARS! What Do You Think?

On Thursday, former Disney kid and boy band member-turned-self-made-MAN brand Justin Timberlake tricked his 15 million twitter followers into watching a clock. It was dumb. But now that his clock has struck zero, JT is hitting us back with the goods: a new album coming out later this year, and the immediate release of his first brand spankin' new song in seven years (uh, not including that d*** in a box stuff). It's called "Suit and Tie," features Jay-Z, and is free for you to listen to right. Freakin. NOW! Listen below or on his website, read our impulsive review, then tell us what you think in the comments!
The Justin is at the top of his vocal game here. He no longer sounds like a high-pitched high-schooler, nor the sleazy bro whose made one too many comments about your SexyBackFat. He sounds mature here. Soulful. Smooth. Almost professorial: Justin wants to SHOW YOU A FEW THANGS, but takes the time to ask politely. The most gentlemanly Justin yet?

MUSIC VIDEO IDEA FOR "Suit and Tie": Justin Timberlake is a jaded college physics professor. He is explaining chaos theory at the blackboard when someone throws a snot ball at his newly-laundered tweed suit. Professor Timberlake turns around. The class is full of Timberlakes. They dance. The end.

The subject matter, coming from media moguls JT and Jay-Z, is a bit 1 percent-y.

MUSIC VIDEO IDEA: Montage of Justin Timberlake crafting a suit out of green construction paper, plus one of those neat pilgrim hats from kindergarten. He leaves for an important party. It's snowing outside. His suit is ruined. Justin watches The Price is Right in his jammies instead of going to that  party. The end.

The music production, thanks to Timbaland, is polished and lavish. The slowed-down-to-dying-robot-speed intro is a weird touch, but it transitions nicely into the lighter, brighter verses. Do you hear that harp? Why is there a harp. Whatever. It sounds pretty sweet.

MUSIC VIDEO IDEA: Justin Timberlake takes off his suit to reveal his abdomen has become a harp. Ladies in masks take turns practicing scales on him. One breaks a nail and gets frustrating, storming off to call her mother. The end.

The album will be called The 20/20 Experience, and is due out later this year. JT will neither confirm nor deny our tweets suggesting the album is his way of quitting music forever to pursue a lifelong love of lens repair.

MUSIC VIDEO IDEA: Justin Timberlake approaches the camera in a hip suit and thick-framed glasses. He removes his glasses, revealing another pair of glasses underneath. He removes these glasses too, revealing his eyes are actually cameras. He smiles at you for four minutes, periodically taking pictures. The end

What do you think of JT''s first new single in forever?

How would you direct the video for this song?

Complete the sentence: Justin Timberlake's voice is __________.

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