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Have You Had Problems With Proactiv?

Have You Had Problems With Proactiv?

Is Proactive a scam? Many customers (and former employees) are saying yes. After a recent Jezebel post about the company, other users have spoken up about their problems with Proactiv, and the stories are horrifying.

Many customers say that they tried to cancel but couldn't: either Proactiv continued to charge them and send them shipments (often to outdated addresses), or they couldn't even reach Proactiv on the phone. Others say they were charged for products they never even orderedpart of Proactiv's auto-enrollment plan that signs trial customers up for continued service based on their failure to cancel (which, by the way, violates some major rules about keeping customers informed).

But the worst is this story from a former Proactiv customer service rep who says that employees weren't allowed to ask customers if they wanted a refund...which really sucks if you're an angry customer calling about a refund for a product you never wanted.

Sparklers, we want to knowhave you ever had problems with Proactiv? Are these horror stories the norm? Let us know in the poll, and tell us your stories in the comments!

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Have you had problems with Proactiv?

[Via Jezebel]

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