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The Game of Threes: A Better Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

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The Game of Threes: A Better Alternative to New Year's Resolutions

I’ve seen it happen year after year. Friends who seemed so excited about and dedicated to their resolutions on New Year’s Eve shrug and offer halfhearted excuses for quitting when asked whether or not they’ve been actually following through on what they committed to do.


I typically tackle New Year’s Eve with the best intentions, trying to forget how I abandoned last year’s resolution and vowing to follow through on this one, but I never seem to last more than a week before deeming yet another resolution a failure. It’s too easy to give up when we’re the only ones holding ourselves accountable and our resolutions aren’t something that have to get done for school or work. Our resolutions are often based on something negative, with the goal of  “fixing” something that is supposedly wrong with us. This makes it even more discouraging when progress doesn’t happen as quickly as we want it to.


That’s why I’m suggesting that we get rid of New Year’s resolutions completely. They clearly don’t work for most of us, and it’s pointless (and maybe insane) to try to accomplish them year after year when we never succeed. Most importantly, the original spirit behind New Year’s resolutions is gone. They’re supposed to be a fun way to start the New Year on the right foot, but they usually end up stressing us out and making us feel guilty when we don’t accomplish them. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution this year, try playing the “Game of Threes.” The “Game of Threes” is simple and fun, and it’s guaranteed to help you relax, de-stress, and maybe even discover new interests. Playing the “Game of Threes” is easy - just make three lists: one of things you like to do, another of things you want to spend more time doing, and a final list of new things you want to try. Pick three things from these lists (you could pick one thing from each, three things from one, two things from one and one thing from another, etc.), and commit to doing each of these things at least three times over the next three months. For my “Game of Threes,” I’m going to try ice-skating, baking, and writing. I used to love ice-skating when I was younger, but I’ve become so busy that I haven’t skated in years. I’m going to schedule some time to get back on the ice (and hopefully not fall too many times). Writing is another thing that I loved to do when I was younger and haven’t had time to do lately. I’m planning on scheduling some time to start a blog.  

Finally, I’m going to try baking, because it’s something that I just never learned. After an unfortunate exploding blender incident, I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen for several years, and now I feel that it’s time for me to learn how to (safely) cook something other than toast and popcorn.

I’ll be making video blogs about my experience doing the “Game of Threes” with my twin sister. We will be posting videos on our Youtube channel (, and we’d love to hear what you think through comments or video responses. Join our social media campaign to redefine New Year’s resolutions by telling us about your “Game of Threes” either through our Facebook app ( or by sending us an email with your first name, age, city, and the three things you want to make more time for in 2013, as well as a photo of you, to

With your help, we could redefine New Year’s resolutions and help people all over the world de-stress and discover new interests or rediscover old interests. By telling us about your “Game of Threes,” you could also be featured on our Facebook ( and Tumblr ( pages, and you’ll be entered to win a random drawing for a wellness package that includes an iPod nano, a signed copy of the book The Myth of the Perfect Girl, and some healthy snacks.

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