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The Worst Things About Waiting for the Bus

The Worst Things About Waiting for the Bus

We like to keep a positive attitude. In fact, we often remind our friends to keep a positive attitude. For example, our most annoying trait is that when people complain about teachers, homework, or life in general—we say, "If you can't change it, change your attitude about it!!!"

Yes, I have received many eye rolls and some genuine slaps because of this perky, persistent, unapologetic attitude. Still, even I have one thing that I continue to complain about: the bus. Specifically, but not limited to, waiting for it.

I take the bus every day to school. Granted, I live in a city and go to grad school and and thus take city buses, so it's no "waiting for the yellow school bus full of people I hate," but I did take the bus to school for many years. And trust me, I hated it then and I hate it now and I really don't know when it will end.

1. Waiting stinks. No matter which way you slice it, waiting for anything—people, automobiles, college acceptance letters—downright blows monkey chunks. Advances in modern technology have made this better, since you can play a game on your phone or iPod. Still, standing around in the cold (or heat) (or any temperature, really) is the worst.

2. Walking to the bus stinks. I remember the days of yore when the bus practically picked me up outside of my house. I look back on those times in rural Wisconsin fondly. Nowadays, I am lucky if I make it to the bus without some sort of near-death-almost-hit-by-a-car-or-another-bus-or-mean-biker experience.

3. Having to see people in the morning stinks. She's almost as annoying as I am with that "change your attitude!" smirk. She's a morning person. She says hi. She has a genuine smile. Her hair even looks OK. She asks you about your homework. She laughs and has energy and IS SOME FORM OF ALIEN LIFE FORM.

4. What you're waiting for stinks. You're not standing around waiting for a chic ride to campus. You are, quite literally, standing around waiting to get in a rumbling tin box, potentially filled with awful people, taking you to a place you might not want to go. There is nothing, we mean, nothing positive about this experience.

5. Missing the bus stinks. We have all been there. Either you think you're on time—or you know you're totally late—but either way, you get to your spot and see that bugger pulling away. You run after it, and may even catch up enough to hit the bus's back door, but alas. Your efforts were in vain. The yellow box of doom has left you in the dust. And you must either: walk to school, hitch hike (not recommended) (but would make a good story), or get a ride from your parents/neighbors/ something equally annoying.

6. Being tied to a bus schedule stinks. It means every morning (and afternoon, for that matter) is a ticking time bomb. You get up and immediately calculate the minutes you have to shower, get dressed, gather your things, maybe eat something, and run out the door. You play wicked little games with yourself—seeing how far you can push the line and not be trapped by #5, above.

Hmm. Perhaps...perhaps I stink and shouldn't be playing these games.

How depressing is your bus stop? Do you have any pathetic pictures to share? We'd love to see them—and will round them up for a future post. Send your sad bus stop pictures to:

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