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Celeb Style at the Critics' Choice Awards (Everyone Looked SO GOOD I COULD DIE) / Splash News/Veronica Summers


AND ONCE AGAIN, LIKE ALWAYS ("always" in this case meaning "never), I WAS RIGHT.

The occurence of the Critics' Choice Awards last night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it IS officially awards season (as I so intuitively predicted yesterday), which means that we have only just begun to skim the surface of the tip of the iceburg of the endless wonderment that is CELEB FASHION SLIDESHOWS (today's goal of using excessive metaphors and italics: NAILED IT). 

Because I am already exhaustified (it's a word, just ask Amy from Little Women) from yesterday's slideshow and need to conserve my remaining energy for Monday's Golden Globes re-cap, I am going to try to review every outfit using no more than 3 words. Can I do it? Almost definitely not. Will I try? Meh, maybe.

And with that majestic show of confidence, let's begin!

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