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8 Ways to Power Through a Breakup

8 Ways to Power Through a Breakup

So maybe it was your significant other's resolution to be single in 2013. Perhaps you got a text with a broken heart emoticon, an unexpected Facebook relationship change, or suddenly unfriended from the person you were the friendliest to. It doesn't matter how or why it happened, the bottom line is you got dumped. Here's how to own it.

1. Let 'em go. No matter how much the other person tries to reconnect, take your time on being friendly again. Explain to him/her that you need some time and space to heal, which is, and should be, totally understandable.

2. Try something new, or take a class. Finish this sentence: I always wanted to learn to _________ but I never had time to ________ because of my relationship. Then sign up for _________! And kick butt at ___________!

3. Do something indulgent
, whether it's pampering yourself with some nail art, grabbing a cupcake at your favorite bakeshop, or catching up on a few (okay, five) episodes of your favorite show. Or do all three. Feel like royalty yet? Add a crown! You deserve it.

4. Reach out to your friends
, who will understand and be sympathetic of your feelings. Reconnect with them, and make each other laugh. Warning: DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT treat your friends like free therapists. Have fun, relax, but don't agonize and whine over and over about your old honey bunny. No one wants to hear about it, not even your nearest and dearest.

5. Step up your game at school. Work hard and keep your eye on the prize! Shifting focus from your heartache and zeroing in on doing the best you can will feel just as good as that cupcake we mentioned in #3.

6. Run or dance to fast-paced break up songs.
This sounds silly, but P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, and Katy Perry are just a few singers who can crank out a "We're over" tune like it's nobody's business! Plus, you'll be shocked how good it feels to bounce around to "Single Ladies" when no one's looking. Just stay away from the sad, sad Adele songs. They are difficult to dance to.

7. Do not try to rebound.
Take it easy, shield your heart, and you'll know when the time is right to dive in again.

8. Breathe, enjoy life, and remember that it will go on!

Have you been dumped? Got any tips for getting through it?

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