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25 Reasons to Celebrate January 10th

25 Reasons to Celebrate January 10th

So far 2013 has been kind of boring and sleepy, but that just means the rest of the year will be wild and sexy! Here are the reasons that make today a day of yay!

1. Now is the season to watch Groundhog Day! It has the monopoly on January-Early February seasonal movies...until Hollywood finally produces my script for Groundhog Night. (It’s a horror movie.)

2. Will Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais star in the next Muppet movie? Buy your tickets now, just to be safe.

3. Everyone has the flu! The good news is that kissing just became more exciting and dangerous!

4. It’s the anniversary of The Adventures of Tintin, which was first published in 1929. But did anyone else think it was about a boy named Tin who was made of tin? Tin Tin? No? How about a comic called The Adventures of SulfurSulfur? Ha! Took two tries, but I nailed that joke!

5. It’s the birthday of Fran Walsh, the writing (and romance) partner of Peter Jackson! To celebrate her birthday, Jackson will give her a cake...split up into three parts, and each part is mostly just made of creamy, boring filling. Sounds delicious!

6. The Oscar nominees were announced and sadly, Looper didn’t get nominated for best screenplay even though it was great. Did you all see Looper yet? I want to ask about the premise! Go see it so we can discuss!

7. More movie news! Steven Spielberg won’t be directing the movie version of the novel Robopocalypse! That sucks! Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s next movie is called Interstellar and it’s about space. That’s why I’m dancing!

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Freeze it instead. Sweat only makes the small stuff wet and slippery.

9. If everyone wore roller skates today, it would really help the struggling roller skate industry and bandage industry.

10. You can almost smell the Friday approaching, and it smells like soda and pizza cheese, with a hint of robot metal.

11. Craft Idea: Cotton balls make inexpensive cloud action figures.

12. If you’re home sick today, it’s a little early to be snooping around for next year’s Christmas presents, but you might as well check the hall closet, top shelf, next to the beach towels.

13. Word of the Day: Judgmental. Definition: A crazy judge. Example: Judge Mental sentenced the burglar to 79 minutes of “dangerous juggling.”

14. The brand new episodes of Arrested Development will land on NetFlix Instant in May! This is the best thing to happen to internet TV since Dr. Horrible!!!

15. Misquoted Movie Quote of the Day: “Hey, don’t pass this bridge. I’m not going to let you pass, so don’t even try it.”

16. Need to wake up? Swim in the ocean! A new study found caffeine in sea water. The bad news: This is due to pollution and while penguins hopped up on Red Bull might seem funny, it (probably) isn’t.

17. Reading this sentence will give you superpowers. If it doesn’t work, you didn’t use the right accent. Try again.

18. Dating Advice of the Day: Never date someone nicknamed “Yogurt.”

19. Today you should dance like no one’s watching, but only when no one’s watching...because you dance weird.

20. Cat of the Day: Ones with a decent sense of humor.

21. If your parents ask how school was today, tell them every little detail, from sounds to smells. This should go on for several hours and when it’s finished, your parents will be so bored that they will never ask again.

22. Have you planned your Valentine’s Day costume yet?

23. Recipe of the Day: Make corn dogs.

24. Are you excited for the new Justin Timberlake song?! Me either.

25. Quick Poll!

Poll Question

You have to kill one of the following characters. Who do you kill?

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