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These Are the 21 Best Cat Names We Could Come Up With-And We DARE You To Do Better.

These Are the 21 Best Cat Names We Could Come Up With-And We DARE You To Do Better.

There are few things the internet adores more than cats. If Harry Potter, Justin Bieber, and a dozen kittens went on a “Wizards of Adorable Music” world tour, the internet would explode in a blaze of glory, thus finally permanently destroying all 19,984 of my "your/you're/WHAT" Google searches.

After years of internal debate, we here at SparkLife FINALLY feel comfortable releasing our super-secret, password protected* preliminary list of the “21 Best Cat Names,” but we need your help before we post our final draft. Tell us your least favorite cat name from our list in the comments section and give us your wildly witty suggestions for a replacement. The 5 funniest Sparkler-suggested cat names will be revered for all eternity and win a coveted spot in our final list, to be posted on Friday. Internet immortality is calling. Answer or die.

*Our password is "cats." Please don't tell anyone.

1. Cat Scratch Bieber

2. Jinx Macklemore PHD

3. Kitty Boo-Boo

4. St. Whisker Von Bonaventure

5. Geoffrey Saucer

6. Detective Pajamas

7. The Great Catsby

8. Mr. Pizza the Party Cat

9. Meowy Cyrus

10. Chef Collywobble

11. Inspector Buttons

12. Lady Fancyface

13. Queen Bonkers

14. Big Irv

15. Professor Gumdrop

16. Kim Cat-Dashian

17. Shenanigan B. Featherbottom

18. Kitty Purry

19. Senior Frisky

20. Governor Grumps

21. Princess Calico

THE GAUNTLET HAS BEEN THROWN DOWN. Which of these names gave you a mental one-way ticket to The University of Bleh? Post your alternate cat name suggestions in the comments below, and the 5 that receive the most upvotes shall receive a coveted place in the FINAL BEST 21 CAT NAMES post. FAME COULD BE YOURS. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REACH OUT AND GRAB IT.

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