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Blogging Hostess: Zingers!

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Blogging Hostess: Zingers!

Back in the day, there was a company called Dolly Madison that was Hostess's main competition. And they made a Twinkie knockoff called the Zinger. It was basically a Twinkie, only with icing. Eventually, Hostess bought Dolly Madison, eliminating their nemesis, but they kept the Zinger because there were legions of fans (allegedly?) that did not want to see it go. So, in part two of Blogging Hostess, Dan Bergstein and Josh Perilo will taste two flavors of Zinger that were available: Golden (vanilla) and Raspberry (with coconut). Wish us luck!

Dan Bergstein

Golden Zinger
It’s a Twinkie, but with icing. Nothing wrong with that. It’s rather dense, like a meatloaf or mammal bone, so eating more than one probably adds a decent percentage of mass to your body. But it tastes good. The icing may be overkill. Only a child or someone who bought too much icing would look at this snack cake and think: Ice that! Ice it hard! B+

Raspberry Zinger
It’s a bullet of color! There’s a lot going on here visually and textually, but the taste is a constant sweet delight. The coconut coating flakes off like a scab on a knee, which is unpleasant to think about and sticky to deal with. A napkin and mop should be handy to help cleanup. What’s more surprising than the color and coating is that there is still cream in the middle. It’s like eating a meatball with a meatball center. I don’t know why this snack was created, possibly on a late-night dare, but I’m a better person for having experienced it. B

Josh Perilo

Golden Zinger
The golden zinger is roughly half the size of a Twinkie, and so, you would think, only half as good. Oh, but hold on! It’s got that frosting. And I’ll be honest… I kinda dug it. Very “cheap birthday cake from the grocery store.” Which has its place. The cake and the filling are virtually identical to what I recall a Twinkie to be, so that’s good. And it’s small! So it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Good work, Golden Zinger. Good work. A-

Raspberry Zinger
Boy, was I nervous about eating this. It did not look like something that one should put in one’s mouth. But I did. And it was… interesting. My first question is: why raspberry and coconut together? Did anyone ever ask for this flavor combination? I did not. It is also a very messy cake, as the raspberry syrup is soaked into the outside. This compromises the structural integrity of the Zinger, so it’s pretty crumbly. It’s moist enough and sweet, but I just can’t wrap my head around the flavor. So… eh. No thanks. C

Which did you like better: Zingers or Twinkies?

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