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9 Cute Ways to Ask Your Crush to Turnabout/the Sadie Hawkins Dance

9 Cute Ways to Ask Your Crush to Turnabout/the Sadie Hawkins Dance

It’s winter dance season, which means in most schools around the country, girls are steeling their nerves to ask guys to upcoming dances. Of course, there’s something to be said for going straight up to a guy and asking him out, namely that it’s easy, cheap, and (we hope) instantly gratifying. However, it’s way more fun and satisfying to get a little creative.

A memorable invitation will show your crush how much you care. Plus, it’s hard to say no to someone who puts a lot of work into something. Here are a few cute ways to ask someone to turnabout.

1. Ask a favorite teacher if you can add a test question to the next quiz or exam that your crush will take ("Will you go to Sadie Hawkins with Chloe? A) DUH, YES B) I thought you'd never ask C) You are wonderful, but no D) Just kidding, yes!!")
2. There’s a reason everyone blithers on about how the way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach. Cupcakes, cookies, pizza, brownies or a large sandwich are all great canvases for asking someone to a dance.
3. If you and your crush share similar tastes in music, consider asking him out by way of mix CD. You can burn one with all your favorite tracks and write a message on the CD itself if you’re feeling shy, or go all out and pull a “Say Anything” by hanging outside his window and blasting a boom box.
4. Take a t-shirt and use permanent marker to write out “Will you go to the dance with me?” on the front as well as your name on the back. Then with a bunch of washable markers write lots of different names that are not yours. Attach a note instructing your crush to wash it, and watch him come in the next day pleasantly surprised that he was asked to the dance by such a hottie.
5. Take some sidewalk chalk and write your invitation on his driveway. Make sure to ask permission from his parents beforehand.
6. If you don’t mind a lot of work and Post-It notes, you could cover his car in a layer of adhesive notes and then spell out “Dance?” in a contrasting color.
7. Leave a message in a bottle. Write your invitation on a piece of paper and put it in a reasonably sized mason jar. Fill it with jellybeans or another delicious food item your crush likes, and have him eat his way to a night out with you.
8. If you and your crush regularly carpool, write your invitation on the vanity mirror of the passenger seat. When he gets in the car, tell him he has something on his face. With any luck, he’ll pull down the mirror.
9. If he’s an athlete, hang a giant sign in the locker room asking him to the dance. Leave a few treats behind like Gatorade and snacks as evidence that you know how to treat him right and show him a good time.

Do you have Sadie Hawkins/turnabout at your school? Are you inviting anyone? Have you already?? We wanna know how you did it!

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