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Quiz: Which U.S. Region Is Right for You?

Quiz: Which U.S. Region Is Right for You?

Do you ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong place? Or maybe you dream of living in the U.S. but just aren't sure where to put down roots. It's a big, diverse country with lots of cultures, subcultures, subsubcultures, subsubsubcultures.... Each region has its own flavor, its own flair, its own je ne sais quoi, and what is appreciated in the South may not be appreciated in the Northwest (and vice versa). Within regions, there are, of course, states and towns and cities to choose from, but let's start with what general region you belong in.

1. You think catfish is:
a. the first ingredient in Friskies.
b. a trophy.
c. extinct.
d. what's for dinner.

2. Your tolerance for snow is:
a. high.
b. low.
c. ... the president?
d. ... the rapper?

3. The correct second person plural is:
a. you.
b. y'all.
b. you all.
d. you guys.

4. When someone says "birdie," you think:
a. nice swing.
b. blam.
c. cuuuuute.
d. bye, bye.

5. You think veganism is:
a. a political statement.
b. stupid.
c. a moral statement.
d. a cult.

6. Your sport of choice is:
a. Lacrosse.
b. Football. American. College.
c. Fly fishing.
d. Ice hockey. Football. American. Pro. Ice hockey.

If you answered mostly a's: You belong in the Northeast.

If you answered mostly b's: You belong in the South.

If you answered mostly c's: You belong in the West.

If you answered mostly d's: You belong in the Midwest.

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