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QUIZ: Which Member of One Direction Are You?

QUIZ: Which Member of One Direction Are You?

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Don't even try to deny it: you love One Direction. The floppy haircuts, the clear, sweet voices, the accents, and the smiles worth a million Angry Birds point—yep, these 5 dudes have your heart all aflutter. But imagine for a moment that instead of just obsessing over them from afar, you were actually a part of their posse—then, where would you fit in? Would you be the "cute one?" The "talented one?" The "devilish-outside-yet-emotionally-sensitive-inside" one? Luckily, we can help you solve your boy band identity crisis—just take this quiz to find out which dimpled, dashing member of One Direction you would be.

1.  You love animals, and you have...

A) A cat called Dusty (and you used to have a Hamster named Hamster!)

B) 2 pet turtles names Boris and Archimedes

C) A dog named Ted

D) Two fish named Tom and Jerry (that recently died—tear). You're thinking of getting a giraffe, though.

E) A hammerhead shark. Ok, you don't own one. Yet.

2. Your greatest weakness is:

A) Ice Skating. You once went to a rink when you were younger and didn't put on skate on the ice--you just hung out doing cool stuff on the outside!

B) Spoons. They are beings of fear and dread. You prefer eating ice cream with a fork.

C) Romantic Comedies. They make you cry.

D) Mayonnaise. Your nightmare: drowning in a sea of the disgusting sludge disguised as a condiment.

E) Heights. Can't. Look. Down.

3. Your ultimate man-crush is:

A) John Mayer

B) Taylor Lautner

C) Any member of the band The Fray

D) It's a tie between President Obama and Justin Bieber

E) Oshawott, the Pokemon

4. Your dream girl is:

A) Someone who thinks an awesome movie and a delicious dinner is a rockin' first date. (Possibly, a fan...)

B) A Toy Story film fanatic. To Infinity and Beyond!

C) As untidy as you are and loves shopping, because you do too (even if  you won't admit it).

D) Doesn't mind sleep-talking and has brown or green eyes. Or both!

E) Has excellent dental hygeine, like you.

5. You were born:

A) In the same month as Valentine's Day.

B) At the tail end of summer.

C) Christmas Eve!

D) The first month of fall.

E) This month! In fact, your birthday is next week!

6. Your hair would make you part of the following high school clique:

A) Theater geeks.

B) Jocks.

C) Hipsters.

D) Geeks who are chic.

E) The cool kids who also happen to be in a garage band that plays at the local bowling alley every Saturday night.

7. Your ultimate turn-off is:

A) Swearing

B) SPOONS (it's a real fear, people! They are out to kill us all!)

C) Tattoos of baked beans

D) Show-offs

E) People who don't like chicken. WHO doesn't like chicken????

8. When you're not out there conquering the charts and singing sweet nothings into your fans' ears, you like to:

A) Grin cheekily.

B) Do anything atheltic.

C) Travel to Narnia. Oh, and play practical jokes on Niall Horan.

D) Sleep and eat. It's a tie as to which is best.

E) Draw.

If you answered mostly As....

Hello, Harry Styles! Your curly hair and cheeky sense of humor have helped you conquer the music world (and the hearts of millions of adoring fans)! Even though you used to get stage fright so badly you would throw up before performances, you have since overcome your fear and now sing in front of packed fans arenas all over the world!

If you answered mostly Bs...

Clearly your romantic nature and your love of sports make you Liam Payne. You love eating Maltesers chocolate while watching the Twilight movies (Taylor Lautner IS your man crush) and you HATE spoons. HATE. THEM.

If you answered mostly Cs...

You are piano-player extraordinaire Louis Tomlinson. You love romantic comedies, shopping, Narnia, and you confront hate with humor. Basically, you are the dream boyfriend of pretty much any girl on the planet.

If you answered mostly Ds...

You are the shy, sensitive, and sweet Niall Horan. An Irish lad with the soul of a poet, you play the guitar whilst dreaming of your soulmate. If she happens to be Miranda Cosgrove, well, so be it.

If you answered mostly Es....

Zayn Malik's your name, and being awesome is your game. You're tough with a heart of gold. You have 12 tattoos of August 2012, and when Harry got his first tattoo, you were there for him, like a bestie should be (you even held his hand). Liam keeps trying to teach you how to swim, but frankly, you're too busy singing, eating chicken, drawing, and following people on Twitter to fit it in.

So, which member are you? More importantly, which one do you want to DATE?

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