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Should We Watch "The Carrie Diaries"?

Should We Watch "The Carrie Diaries"?

Hey, Sparklepants: perhaps you have heard about "The Carrie Diaries," which is debuting on the CW on January 14th. Yes? No? It looks kind of fun! It's all about a 17-year-old girl named Carrie Bradshaw, who has to navigate high school hookups, family drama, and an exciting internship in New York City against the wonderfully weird backdrop of the 1980s. (It's also a prequel to the highly entertaining, majestically raunchy HBO show "Sex and the City," which you are all probably much too young and fabulous to have actually seen in its original heyday, but suffice to say that some of your lady Sparkitors got a real kick out of it in college.)

The CW is pushing hard to make their new show a major winter hit—maybe even popular enough to fill in the sad, sad hole left by the departure of "Gossip Girl"—but because adding a new show to our regular watching rotation is a big decision, we're sizing it up with a list of pros and cons on various related topics. For instance:

Pro: We like jokes, and thanks to the teaser trailer, we know that there are jokes in this show. Jokes about The Sex! Jokes about The Sex as it related to tubular lunchmeats and security hardware! Eww/haha!
Con: Not everyone likes sex jokes. Right? I mean, some people don't. Somewhere.

Pro: AnnaSophia Robb plays Carrie Bradshaw, and she is pretty much the cutest thing ever. As cute as a Scottish fold kitten. Maybe even cuter.
Con: AnnaSophia Robb also played the lead role in Soul Surfer, which means that every time we see her we think about shark attacks. How can we concentrate on all the sex jokes when we're busy being afraid of sharks? It will be very difficult.

Austin Butler, cutie-pie extraordinaire, plays Carrie's love interest: a brooding tortured bad boy named Sebastian Kidd.
Brooding tortured bad boys are so overdone. Seriously, just once, could we get a crush object who loves his mom and plays the tuba, and that's it?
Other pro:
At least he's not a vampire.

Carrie's archnemesis is an evil, beautiful queen bee named Donna LaDonna.
There is no con. DONNA LADONNA, YOU GUYS. Ha! Hahahahah!

Okay, your turn: are you planning to watch The Carrie Diaries?

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