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9 Reasons January Is the Best Month

9 Reasons January Is the Best Month

Winter is not everyone's favorite. Let's face it: it's cold, dreary, and spring break is but a dim light on the horizon. Especially after relaxing at home for a couple of weeks during your winter break... going back to school in January should feel like the pits.

But it's not! January is, categorically, not the pits, for several reasons. Nine, in fact:

  1. Awards season! Yes, the Oscars and Emmys are kind of stupid, but most of the nominated films and TV shows are great. Have a "best picture nominee" viewing party.  Head to a Redbox, rent what you can, and have a few friends over to marvel/mock the masterpieces. Some movie theatres show all the movies in a row one Saturday too—check out your local theatre's website. Or, dedicate a day (or two) (or three) to watching seasons of the nominated TV shows. Most are available on Netflix, and some are on your cable's "on demand" channel.

2. January is also home to tons of bowl games. I'm not a big sports fan, but I am a fan of chips and dip. I will make almost any excuse to deliver cheese, in any form, on any sort of carb, into my mouth.

3. The presidential inauguration! This year it's happening on January 20th. Sure, it sounds boring, but you should watch one at some point. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance, some Bible-swearing, and usually something happens (such as the president being sworn in). These only come once every four years, so make the most of it! This year it also coincides with Martin Luther King, Jr. day, so you probably don't have school, and thus no excuses.

4. Or, have a civil rights brunch. Yes, it's semi-blasphemous, but my friends and I plan an elaborate brunch every MLK day. We don't have school, but a lot of people still work, which makes for excellent brunching, sans reservations or lines.

5. January 21st is HUGGING DAY. That's right, Sparklers, a day just for hugging. What a great excuse to show someone you love him/severely creep him out.

6. I'm not going to say this is a great time to go sledding, because, gross, outside. But it is a great time to go to a new library, visit a museum, or just do something different (indoors!) in your town or neighboring town. Most museums have student discounts or special free days. Gather up a couple like-minded (read: nerdy) friends and try something new.

7. January is such an amazing time for sales. Most retailers are trying to sell through their remaining holiday stuff, so things like sparkly dresses, fuzzy sweaters, and cute jackets are all on sale. Online shopping is good for this, but nothing beats a good ol' trip to the mall for this kind of hunt. If clothes aren't your thing, mon petit Sparklier, I'm sure video games/board games/other typical holiday presents are on sale too.

8. January is the perfect time to make something. You don't want to leave the house, but it's easy to get cabin fever. Solution? Head over to Pinterest, find something cute, and have some friends over for a very cool crafting (or baking) party. Moms are also super into this. Sparklerdudes, don't be scared to get in touch with your artsy side. I particularly like: making things glittery, making things striped, and putting chalkboard paint on anything. ANYTHING. My roommate and I have a "Pinterest challenge" where we try to make something from Pinterest every week. Usually it's snacks, but sometimes we venture into crafts. We totally slacked the past few weeks, so we will get back into the swing of things this month.

9. New Years Resolutions, like rules, are meant to be broken. Don't even bother. But, if you're so inclined, do something that will make you happy and isn't about your body. My suggestions include: make a new friend, write more, get my fat dog more exercise, and be nicer to my (...I mean your) sister. Losing weight is great and all, but dieting and exercise are both the worst. Don't do that to January—it has a tough enough time already.

What do you love about January? Are you planning to do any of these 9 great things?

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