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21 Things Your Parents Think You're Doing on the Internet

21 Things Your Parents Think You're Doing on the Internet

1. Joining a cult
2. Playing with an MMORPG for hours on end

3. Becoming a certified minister
4. Collecting cat pictures
5. Doing your homework
6. Shopping
7. Streaming Netflix
8. Watching videos of baby animals
9. Scrolling through your facebook newfeed again
10. Tweeting about them
11. Playing neopets
12. Blogging
13. Trying to find the farm where they sent your childhood dog
14. Reading the news
15. Ebaying that lamp/sweater/book they bought you and you hated
16. Creating conspiracy theories and discussing them on a forum
17. Skyping with strangers
18. Ordering taxidermied critters
19. Planning a hostile takeover
20. Finding out how to get Victoria’s Secret model abs
21. Deleting your browser history

What do your parents think you're doing on the internet?

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