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Quiz: What's Your Favorite Color? And More Importantly, What Does It Mean?!

Quiz: What's Your Favorite Color? And More Importantly, What Does It Mean?!

Think your favorite color is aquamarine? Well, think again. The only way of finding out what color you really like best is through this handy quiz. Not only will you find out what shade makes your toes twinkle (whatever that means), but you'll find out what kind of person you are. You're welcome. Just answer honestly.

1. You have high hopes set upon your gift from your best friend. He/she hands you a box and says, "Pretty sure you're going to love this." Inside is:
A. A pair of rainbow socks you'd been eyeing all year. You are so happy!
B. A giant gummy bear on a stick. You're sorely disappointed in this gift, and also your friendship.
C. Tickets to the holiday blockbuster you've been dying to see! Hooray!
D. A gift card to your favorite coffee shop.
E. A college prep handbook.
F. A handmade ornament. Aw, shucks.

2. Mom says, "Hey! It's Saturday morning and we can do anything you want today, just the two of us." You decide:

A. To go laser-tagging. Nothin' like chasing your mother around in a glow-in-the-dark wonderland.
B. To run a 5K in the park.
C. To watch reality television shows together all afternoon.
D. To go on a shopping marathon at every mall within 20 miles of your house.
E. To hide things around the house from each other and see who can find everything the fastest.
F. To bake a cake together. It turns out perfectly, as per usual.

3. Your English teacher tells you that your grades have been slipping this semester, but if you do well on the final, you'll be in the clear. You:

A. Try to brainstorm a fun and creative way to study for the test. Maybe you'll turn all your notes from class into a catchy song.
B. Decide that your English grade isn't as important as making varsity soccer next semester, so you shrug it off and go to practice.
C. Get on Netflix and see if there are any movies based on the books on your final.
D. Start a study group with all the smartest kids you know.
E. Thank your teacher for the warning, run home, and study all week and weekend long.
F. Knit your teacher a scarf and see if bribery will work instead of an excellent score on your final.

4. Your favorite blogger/vlogger has decided to cease all blogs and vlogs. You:
A. Start your own blog!
B. Look at your favorite sports sites and catch up on some scores.
C. Check out IMDB to find out Joseph Gordon-Levitt's next flick.
D. Spend hours looking for something else to fill the void.
E. Cry.
F. Rejoice! More room on the Internet for you and your wildly successful crafting blog!

5. Surprise! You got a puppy for your birthday! You name him/her:
A. Lil' Doggie Face Magic Tail.
B. Manning. After the royal football family, of course.
C. Catniss Cat-Chaser.
D. Merv.
E. Einstein.
F. Pompom.


MOSTLY A's: Just call you "Roy G. Biv" 'cause your favorite color is RAINBOW. You retreat to your imagination whenever you need to solve a problem or accept a daunting task. Sure, rainbow is a bunch of colors (seven, to be exact), but you and your dreamy noggin should be able to handle the challenge. Just make sure you come down from the Skittle clouds every once in a while.

MOSTLY B's: You love BLUE. It's a color that looks great on sports jerseys and in the sky when you're outside crushing the field or the pavement. Just don't forget to hit the books sometime—they look great in blue too.

MOSTLY C's: You little movie buff. Obviously, YELLOW is the best hue for you. It's the color of stars and the butter on your popcorn.

MOSTLY D's: BLACK is the color of your energy, friend. You're a non-stop go-getter who loves a good challenge to your endurance muscles. It's also the color of all the coffee you drink to get it all done.

MOSTLY E's: Hey, smartypants! You're so GREEN. You work hard and love to learn everything you can. You love your teachers and spending time thinking and problem-solving. Goooo green!

MOSTLY F's: You're a DIY superstar with the most enviable Pinterest page in your school, so we'd probably be correct in assuming you're all about GLITTER. Okay, okay—some of you may say "Glitter is not a color, dummy!" But any color will do for you, as long as it toes.

Were we right or were we more than right?

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