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25 Reasons to Celebrate the Last Day of the Year!

25 Reasons to Celebrate the Last Day of the Year!

See ya later, 2012! The year was good, bad, soft, hard, sticky, slippery and all flavors of crazy. Are you sad to see the year come to an end, or are you looking forward to 2013? While you thinking, here are 25 reasons to celebrate the end of 2012!

1. 2013 is going to be amazing! If 2012 is an Ewok, than 2013 will be a Wookiee!!!

2. We’re going to get to write a lot more number 3s when writing checks and signing documents! And 3 is a sexy, magic number!

3. See? See that 3? Sexy! It’s all curvy and sassy! 333333!

4. 2012 was the year that gave us “Call Me Maybe” and subsequent headaches and lip-dubs. That means 2013 will be filled with good music. The year owes it to us!

5. Love will find us all in 2013! But we made need to wear colorful hats so Love can see us in the crowd.

6. It’s going to be super spooky when the date is 13/13/13!!!

7. Full disclosure: I have the flu. And it’s not just a regular flu. It’s a mega-flu. It’s worse than the swine flu. It’s probably a whale flu or T-rex flu. Right now every part of my body hurts and is oozing mucus. Even my toes. It’s gross. But I’m still writing this list because I care about you. Hope you don’t feel guilty.

8. You should probably stand away from the computer when reading this. I don’t want to get you sick.

9. And don’t you dare lick the screen.

10. At least if you’re sick at the end of 2012, that means you’ll be immortal in 2013. Right? RIGHT?!?

11. It’s not fair getting sick during the holidays. It’s like getting a copy of a new, unpublished Harry Potter book but it’s written in a mixture of German, Spanish, and sign language, so you can't even enjoy it

12. Word(s) of the Day: Auld Lang Syne. Definition: A lang syne that’s OK, but not as good as newer ones. Example: Eww. There’s Auld Lang Syne in the fridge. We should clean that out.

13. The Twilight Zone Marathon is on SyFy all day today! Watch it and it will make you feel better and give you nightmares.

14. Craft Idea: Collect buttons and then when you have all the buttons, the world will come to you for your precious buttons. That’s smart business!

15. Did you do any homework over the Winter Break? Good.

16. Happy Birthday to everyone whose birthday I missed!

17. Because I’m sick with T-rex flu, I stayed home and didn’t go the movie theater to see The Hobbit. That means I didn’t infect you or other move goers. You’re welcome!!!

18. Anyone want to see The Hobbit with me next weekend when I’m healthy and producing ordinary amounts of phlegm?

19. The person who decided to put a G in phlegm was probably a pretty funny man or woman.

20. Did I mention I’m sick? Because I’m sick. I watched movies on TV yesterday, all day. I cried like a baby at the end of A League of Their Own. Don’t tell anyone. I need to keep up my macho reputation!

21. You still have time to make New Year’s Resolution. But why bother? No one keeps those, anyway. You’d be better off making a New Year’s Question. My New Year’s Question: Bananas are a kind of corn, right? They’re not the same thing, obviously, but surely if we trace back their family trees, we’ll find the link. Right?

22. Kissing someone tonight? Make sure your breath is fresh by chewing some mint gum or brush your teeth with maple syrups, because that makes all things delicious.

24. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!!

25. Quick Poll!

Poll Question

What's the longest you've kept a New Year's resolution?

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