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7 Best Memes of 2012

7 Best Memes of 2012

2012 had a lot of things, but of all the things it had, it had memes. Does that make sense? Er, anyway, memes rule.

1. Overly Attached Girlfriend

This meme started when a Justin Bieber fan posted a parody of the song “Boyfriend.” The song (and, well, the original) had incredibly stalker-y lyrics, which gave birth to this stalker-y meme.

2. McKayla is Not Impressed

A journalist snapped one pic of gynmast McKayla Maroney looking, well, displeased. And thus, a meme was born.

3. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is the best. Grumpy Cat is how we feel every Monday. And, like, every Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday too.

4. The Ermahgerd Girl

We just love the Gersbermps gehrl. She’s hopelessly nerdy, and shares our enthusiasm for books. What’s not to love?

5. NASA Mohawk Guy

This mohawked gent steered the Mars Rover through outerspace and into our hearts.

6. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Legend has it, this handsome man participated in a marathon and looks like this while running. Swoon.

7. Dogshaming

As a dog owner, I can attest that I want to do this to my lil guy every time she is naughty. I refrain, however, because I learned that I need to protect her online identity.

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