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Ereaders vs. Paper Books

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Ereaders vs. Paper Books

With the influx of new technology pouring in from all directions, even activities that had previously been considered an outlet for pulling away have been rooted up and radically changed. Ereaders, devices that allow one to read books on an electronic device, have become the new norm for viewing literature. They are small, easy to use, and able to store thousands of books onto its system. However, is all this really better than the feel of paper that we are used to?

In my opinion, reading is meant to be an activity in which you can pull away from all of the hubbub and flashing lights of our technological age. When the Ereader came out, I was a bit skeptical, but agreed that the portability and convenience would definitely work to its advantage. However, with each updated ereader, bells and whistles are added that irritate me. Movies, apps, music, pictures... Bit by bit, the ereader is turned into any other tablet, it’s original purpose diluted and useless. Is this how we must live in this age of technology? Can we not have something simple that allows us to use our imaginations without adding each bigger and better thing that comes along?  

The ereader has forgotten it’s purpose in all of the distraction that comes with the era we live in. Our kids, at this rate, will never know the feel of a paper book in their hands, or the smell that comes when opening an old favorite. This saddens me greatly, as the paper book has been always thought to be a timeless tool for gaining knowledge. 

With my own bookshelves overflowing, and college packing looming ever-nearer, I know that I need  way to conserve space. Therefore, I plan to purchase an ereader. However, I believe that we need to be very careful in what we spend our time doing, or the art of literature may fade out in the cacophony of modern, flashy technology.



So what’s your opinion? Do you think Ereaders are awesome, evil, or are you somewhere in between? Tell me in the comments!



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