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A Facebook Chat Between Two Toddlers about New Year's Eve

A Facebook Chat Between Two Toddlers about New Year's Eve

Donny Diaper Rash ga ga, yo!

Tina-Marie lol!
hi! whatup???

Donny Diaper Rash nuttin' much
chillin' in my crib

Tina-Marie awesome

Donny Diaper Rash literally!
it's freezing in here n I cant find my blankie!

Tina-Marie awww…
u can borrow mine
it keeps me warm and also keeps away the closet monsters

Donny Diaper Rash ohhhh…I hate the closet monsters
they the worst

Tina-Marie i kno!
i saw 1 last nite so i screamed at the top of my lungs
then my dad came in

Donny Diaper Rash i aint 'fraid of no monster!
if I see a closet monster i stare right at it

Tina-Marie yr so brave!
u should come over here and scare them away for me

Donny Diaper Rash any time!
um, sooooo

Tina-Marie sooooo…

Donny Diaper Rash whatta u doin for new years?

Tina-Marie hmmm…i dont kno really

Donny Diaper Rash um, not really sure
theres always so much pressure

Tina-Marie OMG! i kno!

Donny Diaper Rash maybe we can get together and hang out

Tina-Marie yeah, id like that!
i think my mom and dad have some extra bottles and we can always share our toys

Donny Diaper Rash sweet! ill bring over my favorite rattle
shicka shicka shake!!

Tina-Marie LOLZ!!
im picturing u in yr diaper shakin when you do that
soooo cute!

Donny Diaper Rash oh yea
they call me Donny Diaper Rash cuz my moves are contagious!

O. M. G!

Donny Diaper Rash :D
yr awesome
i like that yr not hung up on silly things like drooling and Yo Gabba Gabba

Tina-Marie aw, yr sweet
(but i LOVE YGG)

Donny Diaper Rash lol! u kno what i mean!

Tina-Marie i do
and i think yr sweet
ill c ya on new years
u better have a cool resolution!!

Donny Diaper Rash lol! yes, u will c me
and my resolution is to stop spitting up on my Toy Story clothes

ew! lol!

Donny Diaper Rash ;)

What are you doing for NYE?

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