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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

It has come to my attention that, while Auntie Sparknotes is great for giving advice, and playlists are great for suggesting music, a combination of the two would be still more wonderful.  I would like to suggest to you that you take me as your new "Auntie Hobbit," so to speak.

I realize that just about everyone thinks they have good taste in music, it is nonsensical to like what you think is horrible.  However, I regularly help my friends come up with music for a certain purpose, and I would like to help you too.  The idea is that you message me (I will leave a comment as soon as I post this, in order to allow you to do that) with a request for a specific event, or mood, or genre, and I will create a playlist fitting the occasion, and post it.  I will try to make it at least weekly.  I will include the question, but not the user, in the post.

So, everyone, are you in?

Topics: Life
Tags: music, advice, series

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