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25 Reasons to Celebrate December 26th

25 Reasons to Celebrate December 26th

You made it through Christmas, but there are still thousands of reasons to celelbrate. Here are 25 of them!

1. It’s the beginning of Kwanzaa!

2. It’s Boxing Day!

3. Leftover cookies for breakfast!

4. It’s time to take back all the gifts you don’t want and get stuff you really need, like capes and cape polish!

5. It’s already Wednesday?! How did that happen? Christmas is some sort of Time Warp that alters the calendar in such a way that if you’re not careful, you could wake up the day after Christmas and it will be April. It happened to my Uncle. He’s forever stuck in the future. Poor guy.

6. You’re not in school! (Apologies to those students who are in school, but we’re not that sorry because it seems you do have internet access and can visit amazing websites like SparkLife.)

7. Movie Marathon Day! Have a movie marathon! Pick a series (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc.) and watch movies all day. Or pick a theme and only watch movies about that theme. Possible themes: Wars in the stars, water, animals, movies not starring Johnny Depp, dinosaurs.)

8. Are you sick during Winter Break? So is everyone else. Everyone is sick. And if they say they’re not sick, they are lying. The world is suffering from one mega-cold. The only cure: Star Wars movies and cookies by the fistful.

9. Take down your Christmas tree and put up your President’s Day balloon arch!

10. You have 364 shopping days until Christmas 2013!

11. If you're buying gifts today for Christmas 2013, remember that my roller skate size may increase as I expect a foot growth spurt later this year.

12. This is the last Wednesday of 2012, which doesn’t mean anything, but is mentioned here so that you will have something to say to your relatives besides, “I haven’t decided on a major yet.”

13. Doritos taste better the second day.

14. Don’t be sad because Christmas is over; be happy that Christmas happened! Unless you didn’t get an iPhone 5. Because if you didn’t get one, you have every reason to be sad.

15. Word of the Day: Gutter. Definition: A great nickname. Example: Here comes Gutter. He’s tough and knows illegal karate.

16. Boredom Killer: Write a short story about a kite that’s allergic to wind.

17. Whatever you did to you hair, keep doing it! (Does not apply to those who nailed their hair to a tree for fun. That’s just weird. Stop being weird. Go write a story about a kite.)

18. Don’t spend all your gift cards at once. You might regret impulse buys. (Does not apply to those who are impulsively buying novelty pens, because that’s always money well spent.)

19. Christmas decorations are on sale today! With a little creativity and some markers, Christmas decorations can easily be turned into Valentine’s Day decorations! Use the money you saved to buy some boats.

20. If you got a puppy for Christmas, what did you name it? Can you send us a photo? Can we have the puppy? Can we pet the puppy? Can we pet it twice? Can I feed it? Can I feed it again? Can I hold it? Can I have it? I want it. GIVE ME THAT PUPPY!

21. Stores are crazy-busy today! It is not a good day to stand in the customer service line at the store just to ask the sales associate, “Which of them computer has the most internet?”

22. Chances are good that if you are a Sparkler who receives gifts this holiday season, one of those gifts was a book. And chances are good that you already started reading that book. And you may have even finished reading it. Books!

23. Craft Idea: Turn an old Christmas tree into a birdhouse using the power of friendship and the power of saws.

24. It’s still Boxing Day!

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What Did You Get for Christmas?

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