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25 Reasons to Celebrate December 24th

25 Reasons to Celebrate December 24th

It’s Christmas Eve! It’s finally here! Are you excited?! Are you smiling?! Do you need even more reasons to celebrate today? Here you go!

1. It’s Christmas Eve! My heart is racing! And my brain!

2. Agh! It’s Christmas Eve! OMG, you guys! I hope I get a cool robot! And a bike! OH MAN!

3. Dude! Do you want to see how high I can jump? Check this out! [Dan jumps] Did you see that?!

4. I had donuts! I’m so excited for Christmas! Wanna ride bikes!!! I didn’t sleep!

5. Jingle bells! Ed dates Bells. Jacob is a perv! Emmet rocks, Alice sucks! And this whole thing gets on my nerve!

6. Guys! Hey, Guys! Do you want soda? I had soda for breakfast! Orange mixed with Mountain Dew!!! It’s my own holiday punch! The Luck Charms marshmallows give it texture!

7. Hahahaha! Sock races in the kitchen! Ready, set, go!

8. Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool if we had pogo sticks? Oh man! We could jump over houses and everything! [Makes BOING sound effects while hopping over sidewalk cracks]

9. Let’s chase that dog!

10. I’ll trade you two mini candy canes for one cherry one! No broken ones!

11. Check this out: [Dan tries to moonwalk] Haha! Pretty good, right? You should Instagram it.

12. Is it hot in here? So sweaty! Want to see who can scream the loudest?

13. Scream, scream, I like screams! Scream, scream! Santa Claus! He’s coming tonight!!!

14. Now I’m getting sleepy. Wow. Maybe I should sit down for a minute.

15. Boy, my stomach kinda hurts. Probably shouldn’t have eaten that raw hot chocolate powder for lunch.

16. So sleepy.

17. Shut up. I’m not cranky. I’m not having a sugar crash. You’re a sugar crash! Jerk.

18. Maybe I’ll just take a nap.

19. I don’t want you looking at Christmas lights when I’m napping. So don’t. You have to wait for me!!! It’s my Christmas! And I’m not being cranky because I’m over tired and filled with sugar and nougat.

20. I’m not crying.

21. My head hurts.

22. Whatever.

23. Maybe I’ll just have one more cookie. That can’t hurt, right?


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