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Your Fill-in-the-Blank College Acceptance Letter

Your Fill-in-the-Blank College Acceptance Letter

The early college acceptance letters have started to roll in (as well as those nasty rejection letters, but we'll leave that unpleasantness for another post). You got into the college of your choice. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Have you stopped hyperventilating yet? If the answer is yes, move to the next paragraph. If the answer is no, put your head between your legs in a paper bag full of cold water and GET YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN/WOMAN! Now, continue to the next paragraph.

They've said they want you, and now you have to return the favor. And while you may feel the method most commensurate with your level of enthusiasm is skywriting or candygram, we recommend the classic acceptance of enrollment letter, if only so you don't end up in the weird kids' dorm. Just fill in the blanks, mail, and start obnoxiously wearing your new college's sweatshirt to school every day for the next five months.

Dear __________ Officer,

I was ___________ to find your letter of _____________ in my _____________ earlier this week. I have long _____________ed of  attending your most _____________ institution. I appreciate your very __________ consideration of my _____________ and am pleased to say I officially _______________ it. I very much look forward to _____________ing the class of ________.

Enclosed, please find the required ___________ of ____________ dollars to hold my ____________, as well as my proof of _____________ and the records of my immunization against _____________.

Please let me know if any additional ____________ is needed from ___________ at this time. Otherwise, I look forward to a _____________ college ____________ and seeing you in ____________.


[Your Name Here]

Have you gotten your acceptance letter? Let us know in the comments! We'll have a round of applause at SparkLife HQ.

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